English Grammar

Set a standard, be an example...

Successful Essay Writing


Instructor: Tovi Scruggs, M. Ed.


Course Description

Tovi Scruggs has taught English and “Successful Essay Writing” techniques for over 15 years to both middle & high school students. Ms. Scruggs has served as a Master Teacher, District Mentor, and expert in educating urban youth. Her students learn valuable techniques and strategies to organize, formulate, revise, and produce quality essays.


Keeping the process simple and clear, struggling & emerging writers are able to apply the taught formula with successful results, gaining confidence as well as skills. Ms. Scruggs’ workshops utilize technology as well as “on-demand” timed essays to support test-taking and in-class, on-the-spot exams and assessments. These workshops will also improve the skill-sets and abilities of students taking the CAHSEE Essay Exam in Language Arts. College-bound juniors & seniors have the option to use this time to focus on college-going essays specifically for scholarships and UC Personal Statement Essays.

Students will gain proficiency and/or mastery of:

  • A structured, no-fail essay format for use in any class
  • In-class, on-demand essay writing skills
  • Essays for standardized tests
  • Writing a successful CAHSEE Essay
  • Juniors and Seniors have the option and opportunity to complete "The Personal Statement"
  • Essay for College Admission and Scholarship Essays



Grades: Middle School Grades 6 – 8 / High School Grades 9 - 12

Prerequisites: Able to write a compound sentence in English & must have a USB “flash-drive”

Requirements: Willingness to work diligently & complete assignments outside of class.

Tuition: $250 (includes 8 instructional sessions, pre & post assessments & 1 formal parent conference) Must be paid in full before services are provided.

Open Seats: Max 10 students per sess